Jee Soo Shin

Jee Soo Shin's career as a composer has taken her from her home in Korea to Austria, and to the UK studying under some of today's leading composers and musicians.

Jee Soo Shin
Jee Soo Shin
Jee Soo Shin was born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. She studied piano and composition during her middle- and high-school days at Sun-Hwa Art School, and composition with Chungiek Chang at Seoul National University.

During her study at the university, she performed many of her pieces at various concerts in Korea, including the New Artists' Concert held in Sejong Arts' Centre in Seoul.

She studied composition and music theory at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg with Reinhard Febel and Franz Zaunschirm, and won a Raiffeisen-Klassik-Preis in 2004. She finished her studies in 2006 with distinction, which led her to win a Bernhard-Paumgartner Medal given by the Mozarteum Foundation to one of the best graduates of the year. Her work was introduced in Darmstadt Ferienkurse in year 2006 and 2008, and her other works were performed in Korea, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, United Kingdom and South Africa.

In 2011, Jee Soo Shin was awarded PhD at the University of Southampton, where she studied music with Michael Finnissy.  At the time of completion, he stated that her innate 'classicism', which had been something of a feature in her earlier music, took on a fresh character and elegance as a result of her years of study in England.

Jee Soo Shin is a co-founder of Oze, an interdisciplinary composition group, and is undertaking various projects in Seoul and London on top of her ongoing compositions.

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