2013 Schedule - Seoul

NOKHA is an interactive music installation. The performance was designed for, and takes place in, a hanok (a Korean traditional house). The audience, by their movement in the performing area, conduct and shape the sonic environment around them. NOKHA was created by the Korean composer Jee Soo Shin.

There will be four players each playing a violin, geomungo (a Korean traditional string instrument), flute and a toy piano in different corners of the performance area. The players spontaneously and systematically react to the audience movement.

The 2013 Season follows on from the four performances of NOKHA in 2012. It begins with a performance in Seoul. Further performances will be announced later in the year

The inaugural performance for NOKHA's second season will be Saturday May 11th 2013, at Gahoe-dong 31-79, Jongno-gu (7 Bukchon-ro 11ra-gil, Jongno-gu, in the new address format).

As before, there are no admission charges. You can download a program leaflet (PDF) and map here:

And here is a link to the Facebook Event page.

And a link to photos of the preparation, rehearsal, and performance


 ~ 2013 Inaugural Seoul ~

        5:00pm May 11th 2013
         Gahoe-dong 31-79
         Seoul 110-260

         (7 Bukchon-ro 11ra-gil)

         Tel: 02-765-2350


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Scene from Bin Jip 1
Scene from Bin Jip 2
Scene from Bin Jip 3
Scenes from Kim Ki Duk's film "Bin jip" were filmed at Gahoe-dong 31-79